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Life Down Unda'

Living in Australia July 2006 to December 2006

20 °C

In my Senior year of college I left sunny San Diego and headed down unda' for what proved to be one of my life's greatest adventures (thus far). I lived/studied in Adelaide, South Australia and traveled the outback, the east coast and many of AU's amazing cities. I met some of the most incredible people who have turned into unforgetable friends. There are too many stories to fit in any blog but here are some of my favorite traveling memories:

Me, Joey, Andrew, Megan, Adele, Heidi, Gavin, Morten, Perrick, Olli, Dennis, Lilou, Joe, Erik, Henrik, and Markus

My 'spring break' trip with friends from all over the world. We traveled from Adelaide to Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road. An amazing trip, with amazing sights and tons of memories.

Such as finally seeing Australia's 'big' things...the Big Lobster! Awesome! This was one of the first stops on our way to the coast. Just that day we had already seen a pink lake, walk 1 km to see the 'must see' well (not a must see) and probably had finished a bag of goon. It was a good start to the trip.

Caving in Naracoorte. Who knew squezzing yourself through tiny rocks could be so much fun! We got all suited up and decended into the dark to crawl through rocks named "the key hole" and "the needle eye". It was so much fun that me and a few friends even ended up driving back to Naracoorte for the advanced caving trip; so tough and so worth it.

The Great Ocean Road crew! n218800091..2799_1_.jpg

This picture is the best representation of everyone on the trip (MIA= Adele and Megan). It was taken right before we hit the major Great Ocean Road sights and right after Joey and I had just gone swimming in the coldest little lagoon ever.

The Twelve Apostles n172006143..3581_1_.jpg

London Bridge...it fell down :) n172006143.._907_1_.jpg

Me, Lilou, Heidi, Perrick, Joe, Miguel, Ashley

Traveling from Alice Springs to Adelaide for 8 days proved to be a once in a lifetime experience! The incrediblely vast outback paired with one of a kind "tourist" attractions made for a road trip like no other.
Sunset at Uluru was amazing, especially with my lovely lady Lilou to share a kiss with. Our group stood out a little with our bottles of beer and goon while the rest of the tour groups had appetizers and champagne. Luckly we had Miguel to run around and collect the goods!We sat there and watched the colors of Uluru change as the sunset and took probably 1,000 pictures.

Good Morning Australia! n508136577..2977_1_.jpg
In order to watch the sunrise over the Olgas and Uluru we woke up for our first early 4am morning. It was totally worth it! I'm not sure if every early morning gave me the same "Yeah!" feeling but I wouldn't take any of them back! Well, maybe the one I woke up covered in dirt due to being punked the night before...ugh!

On the road we saw a lot of well nothing...empty, dry, nothing...untill we came upon this natural water hole. You could actually feel the water coming up from the ground. This defintly took care of my shower for the day.
We spent about an hour pushing eachother down into the spring so that you could shoot back up through the mud. Okay it is a bit hard to explain, I guess you just have to make it out to the middle of Australia and experience it yourself :)

On the road I got the lovely nickname of 'Dirty Gail' but I stand by my arguement that I was not the only one covered in mud...

Me, Lilou and Heidi

We started our grand road trip in the North in Cairns and of corse scuba diving in the great barrier reef was on the top of our list.n218800212..3589_1_.jpg
We spent the day chasing Nemo, poking at giant clams and crusing with the fishes in the bright blue sea. The boat ride out was great, especially since the rain storm that had passed through Cairns just hours before we left. So the sea was calm, the sun was out and we were ready to begin our East Coast adveture

We continued our trip down the coast stopping in some great little cities (our favorite being Mission Beach) and moved onto sailing for three days around the Withsunday Islands.Amazing beaches and incredible sunsets, with nothing to do but snorkel and drink goon!
The most beautiful beach in the world (actually voted on) is located on the Withsundays Islands and has the whitest softest sand you have ever felt (used in the hubble telescope). But since we were there during "stinger season" (jelly fish) we had to wear our stinger suits (basically just wet suits) to swim and just get to the beach from the sailboat. Hahaha we looked so silly in such a paradise!

Next major stop was Fraser Island for a 4x4 beach driving, camping with strangers (soon to be friends), late night campfires, cooking dinner in the dark (would you like charcoal with your potatoe?) and amazing beaches.
Team 2 (the best team on the island) Frenchies, Danish, Finnish, Germans, US oh my! n218800212..8498_1_.jpg
It was a nice suprise to have such a great time considering our pre-departure meeting made it sound like certain death was the only way of getting off Fraser Island! You either flip your 4x4, get eaten by a shark, get stung by a jelly fish, or get attacked by a dingo...who wouldn't want to go on a 3 day trip there with no guide and people you just met 30 min prior!
I love this...Fraser Island style baby! n218800212..3452_1_.jpg

The city of Brisbane was are only major city on the raod from Cairns to Sydney. After so much time in small towns and camping I think we were a little out of our league.

Team 2 staying strong! n218800212.._203_1_.jpg

Me, Lilou, Heidi, Morten, Perrick, Joe, Miguel, Cameron, Marie, and Alina

I had the great pleasure to not only see the Blue Mountiains once but twice while I was in Australia. The first time I went was when I was visiting Sydney on my own and the local pub (that I had quickly made my home base) told me it was a must see (best advice I have ever gotten from a pub). So a quick train ride east and I was out of the big city and into the woods.

And making friends with the locals... n218800212..3279_1_.jpg

My trip in July was cold and a little crazy (I got lost for a good 4 hours...not fun) but in December I headed back with friends for a warmer, calmer trip through the beautiful blue mountains.
n218800212..9690_1_.jpg Count Off: 1, 2, 3...I forget what number I was!

We got a bit off the trail to stand on the edge of the world. n218800212..2164_1_.jpg

But nothing was as fun as boys vs girls pictionary games at our cabin in the evening.
This cabin was probably the greatest find! Super cheap, with our own living room, kitchen, and best of all big beds!!! After a long road trip down the east coast it was a little piece of heaven!

Me, Lilou, Heidi, Morten, Pierrick, Joe, Miguel, Cameron, and Alina

Sydney, Australia

Christmas in Sydney was amazing and I couldn't think of a better group to spend the Holiday with! Sight seeing, afternoon 'naps' and the funniest game of white elephant I have ever played!

My favorite holiday memory!4n508136577..7897_1_.jpg
Sorry Morten... Evidence!

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