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DEC 4, 2009

After a year of hand writing project proposals, sketching out spreadsheets, and simply counting on my camera cards to house my pictures I’ve now got a computer. Brought to me graciously by my mom who was just out visiting she has effectively shifted my life (as well as many peoples in Arjo) into the technological era. In the last two days I took my computer to work I typed out three grant proposals, edited a local project plan and made endless picture folders. Okay, the last one isn’t really office work but teaching my office mate how to create new folders on a computer is work and let me tell you he’s a pro now.
Other than work though, a huge aspect of this crazy contraption I was looking forward to was finally having something in my house that made noise! Up until a few weeks ago all I had was a little MP3 player which only had 80 songs on it and needed to be charged in a USB port…cegger alleh. So with this computer I was going to be able to play the few CDs I had and even be able to watch some of the movies my dad brought on his trip out. Pretty exciting! I figured this was going to be the key to me making it through the next 15 months. I mean if I could make it a year with just a harmonica and books imagine how easy it would be with mindless entertainment, right?
But, I’ve now watched 6 movies in a matter of three days and truth be told I have never been lonelier in my life…maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration (apparently I’m known for those). I’m sure I’ve been lonelier than this, but what is disappointing is the one thing that I thought was going to make my next year fly by is actually creating quite the opposite effect.
Here’s the thing, I’m use to reading books now. Reading for hours upon hours on end and even then it takes me at least a day or a few days to finish a book; to finish a story, to finish an adventure out of this world and into another. But a movie doesn’t work that way. By the time it gets going it’s already half over and two hours later you’re left with a dark screen, feeling more alone than before. With a book you become part of it. Maybe there is an attractive main character that you give the face of that guy you’ve been eyeing lately or maybe it is set on a beautiful beach which you decided looks exactly like Blacks Beach in San Diego or maybe it’s a book about teenage wizards which you previously deemed extremely lame but now are so hooked on you could draw a picture of the silly wizard school in it by heart. Regardless, somehow over the past year I’ve turned into one huge book worm and now there is no going back.

Who knew?

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